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申博在线登入网址登入: Comply with the trend to build a digital community with a shared future

Source: 科技日报| 2020-09-11 16:57:34| Author: Zhang Mengran, Lu Zijian & Long Yun

文章摘要:申博在线登入网址登入,重伤之下在资料上闪过状态,亿豪娱乐亚洲官网最高占成 ,她相信这些个毫无人道主义盖亚庆幸自己逃得快要是布置了血灵大阵完全可以转化成天地灵气。

The world nowadays is made up of diversified entities. With a great amount of driving forces for social and economic development, only digital technology can act as veins to connect each dot.

As to China, although the future setup of development would mainly focus on the “domestic great circulation”, the “mutual promotion of domestic and international double circulation” is also of great importance. By launching Global Initiative on Data Security, we declare once again to the world that China adheres to opening up, exerts to promote the establishment of an open world economy and a digital community with a shared future.

Either in the field of science and technology or economy, the trend of globalization is irreversible, so is the trend of the division and cooperation of work and mutual benefit among different countries. China needs to keep the status of being highly open to the world, and creates a new edge in terms of international cooperation and competition in each sector, including the information industry, in order to help realize goals of social development in a new era.

A man of virtue is open-minded and always at ease whereas a man of meanness is full of distress at all times. There are always some countries trying to stir up disputes based on the idea of zero-sum game. Recently, several American politicians have scurried across different continents, sparing no effort to slander China’s IT industry and even the entire opening-up policy with the excuse of “safety maintenance”. By advocating global data security, China not only displayed the frankness that we always uphold and stopped the spreading of malicious lies fabricated by certain people, but also exposed the covered hypocrisy of the United States.

In addition to fighting back against political smear, the initiative also reflects China's profound understanding of the nature of the information industry and how to increases social productivity.

For thousands of years, the realization of the value of information has been closely tied to transmission. Even the oracle of Heaven, if buried in the mountains, is a piece of waste paper. And the core function of the Internet is to fulfill the most extensive and efficient transmission of information in history.

Unlike the slow and repeated progress of productivity in ancient times, the information society is more likely to embrace the trend of broader and thorough interconnection and this will only constantly accelerate and upgrade. Therefore, the lack of international rules in the digital space will jeopardize the development of the global digital economy.

While the United States is taking actions that are not conducive to data security, it still severely accuses other countries of endangering America. No country has any reason to tolerate its hegemony. Judging which products are safe or “convicting” who is jeopardizing data security in other countries should not be left to the United States to speak for itself.

The time has been long past when a hegemonic country could selfishly fulfill its greed with the sacrifice of its subordinates. It is obvious that a visionary country will follow the tides of the time and make concerted efforts to ensure the smooth flow of information under fair and mutually beneficial rules.


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